Bliss US Navy Chronometer #3088


Bliss Marine US Navy Chronometer with movement by Kullberg, circa 1909.

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Bliss Marine US Navy Chronometer with movement by Kullberg, circa 1909, original except associated box lid.

This is a nice example of an English made chronometer for the American market that was supplied to the US Navy in the early 20th century.  The movement is made by the famous English firm of Kullberg.  The New York retailer, Bliss,  requested an ordinary balance and steel balance spring from Kullberg,  to conform with US Navy regulations.  Bliss paid Kullberg $129.97 for the movement.  It arrived in New York on October 28, 1909.  Bliss had the box, ivory etc. made for it.

Bliss then timed it and submitted it to the USNO for trial in 1912.  No 3088 finished 11th in the trial, with a rate of -3.33 seconds and a trial number of 11.49.  Its temperature coefficient was 0.6 degrees.   That performance was good enough for purchase, so the Navy paid $375 on August 2nd, 1912.

Since it didn’t come back to Washington for rating again before 1929, it probably ended up serving in the Pacific with subsequent services taking place at Mare Island or someplace like that.

Unit is complete with original winding key.  The box is original except for the lid which was replaced at some point.  This is not uncommon as the lid was usually removed to make the unit easier to view while in operation.   Serial numbers match on movement, bowl and dial. Complete with winding key for movement and locking key for box.

A wonderful and very attractive presentation piece.