Elliot Brown Watches

Elliot Brown specializes in ultra-rugged, purpose-built watches specifically suited for diverse activities. With many years of experience within the world of watchmaking between them, founders of Elliot Brown, Ian Elliot and Alex Brown created the brand with the idea in mind of producing a small range that has something for everyone. By concentrating on just a few models, the brand has built up a reputation since its launch for reliability, longevity and attractive design.

The business was conceived working late nights and weekends for two and a half years until they were ready to throw off their career comfort blankets and open the doors to Elliot Brown in 2013. Elliot Brown’s raison d’etre is to make the absolute best of breed watches, that exceed expectations, that are 100% fit for purpose, who’s stories of survival and real world testing are honest and genuine.

Their new Holton Professional watch is the first watch from a British company in over 10 years to be approved by NATO, 6645-99-303-0677: Time-measuring instruments; United Kingdom.

Say Alex and Ian,

“We started with a blank sheet that gave us the freedom to imagine just how good we could make a watch. No corporate restrictions, no preconceptions, armed with the unique skills needed to build the most naturally durable watches on the planet – no corners cut, every detail built up to a standard, not down to a price”.

Given the quality of their timepieces, we couldn’t agree more!  Elliot Brown Watches are a super watch at these price points and given their real world military and law enforcement use, we feel they deserve your consideration. Check them out….

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