U.S. Navy Chelsea Clock Mark 1 Deck Model 17K


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The U.S. Navy Chelsea Mark 1 Deck Clock Model 17K is an 8-day ship’s clock that was manufactured between 1938 and 1942.  The Chelsea 8-day, 11 jewel 17K movement is housed in a chromium-plated brass dust and moistureproof case with a permo-seal crystal.  It is equipped with a cushioned bulkhead mounting plate which permitted “dogging” down the hinged case against a rubber gasket lined bulkhead plate with wing nut — making it nearly waterproof.  Certainly, it was weatherproof.

The clock features a 12-hour, 6-inch dial of matt finish with previously luminescent markers at each hour.  The 12 position features a second dot below (luminescent material now absent).  The dial features an eccentric second hand.  The second-hand dial orbit is located below the figure 12, with 10-second graduations indicated by numerals.

This particular U.S. Navy Chelsea clock has the 1941 contract date on the dial and was likely in service prior to the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.  Later versions of this clock came in a bakelite case which was utilized to conserve brass for the war effort.  Given the weight of the subject clock, quite a bit of brass was utilized in the construction of this substantial clock.

The clock is running well and keeps good time.

This U.S. Navy Chelsea clock is from a prominent east coast Chelsea collection and has been in that collection for over 30 years.   Please refer to Marvin Whitney’s Military Timepieces, Pages 206-216 for additional information regarding this model of the U.S. Navy Chelsea clock.  This would make a fine additional to any nautical themed collection.


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