Oberlin Watch Company

About the Oberlin Watch Company
A solid watch that you can enjoy wearing. And more importantly? A watch you can afford! The Oberlin Watch Co. produces and sells the OBIE1, OBIE2 & OBIE3

The OBIE1 sells for $125 US and is available directly from the Oberlin Watch Co. The OBIE1 was created with the idea of making something special for the people who call or have called Oberlin, Ohio home.

The dial is bright and clear, easy to read. The case back proudly displaying Windy City Watch Collector’s hometown of Oberlin, Ohio.

Oberlin, Ohio is known for many reasons – one of the final stations on the Underground Railroad, a well-regarded college and conservatory of music, and perhaps one of the prettiest small towns you’ll ever visit.

Oberlin is 5 miles from the site of one of the worst transportation accidents of its time, in what has become known as the Great Kipton Train Wreck. Before cell phones, computers, and electronic signals, trains were dependent upon fairly precise schedules as stations often used the same shared tracks for trains both entering and departing.  On April 18, 1891 the fast mail train #14 collided with the Toledo Express; in the investigation that followed, it was determined that one of the engineer’s watches on the fast mail train was running four minutes slow, having stopped and then restarted. Nine people lost their lives. As a result, a new emphasis was put on time-keeping on the Lake Shore and Michigan Southern Railroad, with Cleveland jeweler and watch maker Webb C. Ball  creating a standard for the train networks to ensure that all watches used by the railroad crews would maintain accurate time to within 30 seconds.  The Ball Watch Company was formed….but that is another story.

Suffice it is to say that Time marches on, the Oberlin Watch Company helps you enjoy it.

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