Marathon Watch Company JSAR Maple

Marathon Watch Company Celebrates 80 years of making great purpose built military watches!

Authentic Military Heritage with Modern Military Design
Designed in Canada ~ Made in Switzerland
Est. 1939


Be sure to check out this well-done video celebrating the Marathon Watch Company 80-year history: Marathon – A Brief History


Windy City Watch Collector is proud to be Marathon’s oldest authorized retailer for over 25 of those 80 years!  Be sure to check out the latest selection of their military watches to see which watch is purpose built for your needs:

Marathon Watch Company Timepieces

Remember, all watches are covered by Marathon’s 2-year international warranty.  Windy City Watch Collector will gladly help you select the watch to match your needs and will answer any questions you may have pre- as well as post purchase.  We’ll also be glad to match up the right accessories for your timepiece or help you in getting service for a vintage timepiece.  Should you be tired of a watch and like to explore trading it in on a new Marathon watch, be sure to contact us.  You’ll be surpriced at how easy we can help you get the Marathon watch that you’d like,.

Marathon Watch celebrated 80 years in 2019. Marathon is proud to share this glimpse into their history. Above is a brief look at the past and present of Marathon. “We’ve done 80 years – Watch what’s coming up next.” – Mitchell Wein, Vice-President