Marathon Watch Repair — New Services

Marathon Watch Repair and Servicing

We recently returned from a visit to Marathon Watch Company and learned of some exciting developments regarding Marathon watch repair.  It’s always a pleasure to make this visit to their offices in Toronto, Canada.  We have a long relationship with Marathon that started in the 1990s and have sold their watches longer than any other authorized dealer worldwide.   We continue to be just as enthusiastic about the product as we were 2 decades ago.

One thing that we learned is that Marathon Watch Company is now offering Marathon watch repair services.  For most vintage Marathon watches and newer Marathon Watches that are no longer within the warranty period (there are a few exceptions), they now provide Marathon watch repair and servicing packages.  These include things like disassembly of the watch case, dial, hands, and movement for full inspection and cleaning, lubrication, replacement of worn parts, reassembly and, for some models, testing for water and pressure resistance.  This is a great service for those of you who either own or are thinking of buying an older watch.  I believe it really increases the value of the vintage watches to know that they can be expertly serviced at Marathon itself.

A second service that has come online is Authentication Services.  The past several years saws some counterfeit or fake GSARs being sold on eBay and other venues.  I represent Marathon with eBay and have proactively had listings removed as they’ve been discovered, but we cannot find all that turn up in all markets such as other online venues or at watch shows.  This is one reason, of course, that I believe it’s always best to buy from an authorized dealer such as myself, but if there is any doubt, it is good to know that these authentication services exist.  This, along with our continued fight against counterfeit eBay listings, will remove the counterfeits from the market.

To learn more about what services are available for a particular watch, contact us  <- click here. We’ll send you information to get your Marathon watch serviced by the manufacturer so it will continue to serve you well.


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