Garmin tactix® 7 – Pro Edition GPS Sapphire Solar Titanium Watch


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Garmin tactix® 7 Pro Edition


Garmin tactix 7 Pro Edition GPS Watch – Black.  We took this in trade for a JSAR earlier in the year.  It was new in box when we got it.  It has been great to use sparingly and has a lot of features.  Absolutely love the watch and its but decided it is not getting enough use so decided to offer it to someone that will actually use it as it is designed.   The pro version is upgraded with solar charging and additional features over the standard model.

The Garmin tactix 7 Pro is a military grade watch introduced in 2022 brings new features to your next mission.  Tested to Military Standard (MILSTD810).

Garmin tactix 7 watches now feature a powerful responsive touchscreen—along with traditional button operation. The powerful 5-button and touchscreen interface enables quick and intuitive engagement with the topographical maps, offering confident “off-grid” situational awareness.

Both civilian and service aviators will benefit from the tactix 7 Series Direct-To Navigation feature, which allows users to navigate straight to an airport in the world aeronautical database or use the “Nearest” function to activate a path to a nearby airport.

Thanks to advancements in solar-technology, this Garmin series of tactical watches offers improved battery life over the previous tactix Delta series.

Additionally, each tactix 7 GPS smartwatch includes a built-in dimmable white or green LED flashlight. You’ll find the green light useful in maintaining your eyes’ natural night vision.

Take advantage of multi-GNSS and multi-band support, providing the highest level of Garmin’s positional accuracy.

To the fitness and training front, these premium tactix 7 GPS watches add Real-Time Stamina and a Recovery Time Advisor.

Take a look at Garmin’s site to get a better idea of the Garmin tactix® 7 Pro advanced watch’s capabilities <– click here

Great condition and great price with little evidence of use that’s normal for these watches.  The watch comes with box, papers, charging cable and extra unused Garmin rubber dive strap with quick install feature.


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