Keep’em Flying! Remember Pearl Harbor! window display, authentic, 80 years old!



“KEEP ‘EM FLYING!” REMEMBER PEARL HARBOR! This is an authentic paper insert, window display, actually 80 years old!  New old stock with no fading!  Printed in three colors…Red White and Blue! 

Shows US Army Air Corps fighter plane in action. 3 1/2 x 4 1/14 inch.  

This was an actual WWII display from the United States War Department, insert with paychecks and invoices to remind everyone what America was fighting for and to Buy War Bonds.  It is important that we remember, especially in light of the fact that survivors of that event and members of that generation are increasingly leaving us.  Here is an interesting article from San Diego on the subject: They’ve urged us to ‘Remember Pearl Harbor.’ But what happens when the survivors are gone? <–click here   

This oval piece of paper was designed to be displayed in a car or home window (see the picture of a faded example from the window of a 1940 Buick) and reminded everyone what we were fighting WWII for.

This makes a fantastic display in your WWII collection.  Use it as a display in a WWII collection or the window of your pre-war car or house.  

Grab a piece of WWII homefront memorabilia from a bygone era.

We will ship for FREE within the US via First Class Mail.  

Strike a blow for Freedom!

Remember Pearl Harbor, in the air on the land, on the sea
Remember Pearl Harbor, here’s a job we can do, you and me
Keep’em flying high clear across the pond
Make our dollars fight, buy another bond
Remember Pearl Harbor, day and night, pray and fight, carry on!

— From Frank Luther’s “Remember Pearl Harbor” recorded in December 1941 by Carson Robinson

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