Horological Additions

Check out our new category of horological miscellany!  From time to time I come across new old stock plates, shipping cases, and other interesting items that relate to horology in one way or another.  These are often fun and useful bits of history that you won’t find anywhere else.

Items that I’ve just added include:

  • WWII -era shock absorber cases for Hamilton pocket watches.  empty shock absorber caseThese are new old stock sealed in their original boxes, including the yellowed tape holding on the typewritten (with a typewriter!) label.  Although designed for use with Hamilton’s 4992B and 992B, the case will fit any 16-size pocket watch and includes a leather lanyard with buckle.
  • Brass name plates/plaques for Elgin National Watch Co that were designed to be attached to an Elgin chronometer box made for the US Navy.  These are also WWII-era new old stock.
  • “CORK AS SHOWN BEFORE SHIPPING”  brass plaque for a marine chronometer.  These were made to US Navy specifications and served as a reminder to properly immobilize the chronometer’s balance wheel before shipping it.  Also new old stock!

I’ll be continuing to add items to this category, so check back often to see what’s new.  You can also follow me on Instagram (@windycitywatchcollector), Like my Facebook page (Windy City Watch Collector), follow me on Twitter (@wcwatchcollect) or join my mailing list!